Friday, February 27, 2015

Fairlady Spotlight

Ooh, look who made the March issue of the Fairlady magazine!
Me, me, me! (Jumps up & down :)

I LOVE chatting about my writing and my Keepers so I was over the moon to chat to the lovely Sandra Parmee from Fairlady.

I am so honoured and delighted to appear in this mag as it's one of my favourites.  I've been a Fairlady reader since a young girl - my mother bought it every month and then I began buying it myself when I moved out of home.

It's one of SA's most popular women's magazines with beautiful glossy covers and jam packed with the most awesome info, recipes and stories. Just love it.

A big thank you to my publicist, Helen, and the awesome team at Fairlady, Sandra, Suzy and Anna.  I so appreciate your support!

And gosh, isn't that cover just gorgeous?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Grazia Shout Out!

I'm so thrilled to spot The Keepers: Archer in a recent copy of the Grazia magazine!

Listed as No. 5 in their "Ten Hot Things To Do Week In/Week Out " feature, Archer is beside great company with Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper's American Sniper, as well as Cape Town's popular annual event, The J&B Met.  

This awesome mag is full of the latest news, gossip, trends, fashion and so much more and to have my book receive a mention is a gigantic honour!

And best of all is their fabulous comment:

"Vampires and werewolves are so 2000.  As in: over.  Thanks to this first instalment from Cape Town-based author Rae Rivers, we're now totally hooked on witches.  Well, one in particular - Sienna."  

Thank you Guinevere Davies and Grazia!

So ... if you're keen to get hooked on witches (and three handsome warrior brothers) too, The Keepers: Archer and The Keepers: Declan are available in local SA book stores - Exclusive Books, Bargain Books, Wordsworth and more!  (Also available as eBooks at all online retailers too.)

So exciting!

Rae Rivers

Friday, January 2, 2015

12 Reminders for My Happy New Year!

It's the second day of a shiny new year!  I hope that wherever you are in the world, you've had a fun, festive and happy celebration.  Wishing all my lovely readers, friends, family and bloggers a magical and fantastic 2015. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who bought one of my books, for all your love, enthusiasm, messages, reviews, shares, laughter and support during the last year.  I appreciate every single one of you.  Thank you!

I've had an incredible 2014, smiled through the highs and cried through the lows.  All in all it was a great year and I embrace the new year with a bright smile and open arms.

My goal this year (besides finishing my next book, The Keepers: Ethan!) is to take better care of myself - emotionally, mentally and physically.  Because if I'm not in top form, nothing else in my life is.  And I kinda like top form, you know?

So here's a few reminders I've printed out and pinned on my office wall - just in case I get sidetracked during the year!

1.  Get enough sleep - the world is always a better place after a snooze

2.  Eat well - your body is your magical carpet ride.  Treat it with care.

3.  Exercise - because you can't afford not to.  (Time for me to take this one seriously.  Really!!!)

4.  Keep a positive mind - it resonates in everything you do. One negative thought often gives rise to another - and another and all too soon you're on a rollercoaster of misery.

5. Laugh - because it IS the best medicine.  And it's fun.

6.  Worry less - and only worry about things you have to.  Most of the things we worry about don't materialise anyway.
7.  Be thoughtful - to those close to you, to strangers, colleagues ... nothing feels nicer than doing something nice for someone else.  (And there's that crazy little thing called Karma!)

8.  Keep a closed door - to drama, violence, negative thoughts, and anything that makes you feel icky or brings you down. 

9.  Keep an open door - to love, opportunities, friendship, help, happiness, special moments.

10.  Embrace happiness - make it a habit, welcome happy moments and relish in them.

11.  Be yourself - be the person you want to be, not the person you (or others) think you should be.

12.  Define your own worth - and don't let anyone undermine it.  Know it, guard it, treasure it, hold your head high. Your quantity of friends, popularity or followers on social media does NOT define who you are, how popular you are or how much you're loved.  Ever.  It's all about quality.  (And I'm a quality type of girl!)

Happiest New Year!

With love,
Rae Rivers


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Keeper Talk on Live TV!

It was with great excitement and a bundle of nerves (which I hope I hid well!) that I recently appeared on Morning Live, South Africa's TV breakfast show.

I was booked on the show four days prior to the interview without any indication of the questions that would be asked. This was rather daunting as it's kinda LIVE, you know?  And I'd need to sound professional and calm and many, many people would be watching .., some who know me and many others who don't.  (To be honest, I'm not sure which made me more nervous!)

One thing you should all know is that I'm extremely camera shy.  I avoid a camera like I avoid Brussels Sprouts so the idea of me behind one, on real time, answering questions I couldn't prepare before the time had my stomach in a tiny twist.

Fortunately, the day before, after processing the idea for a while, I found my happy, peaceful space.  First, I absolutely 100% blocked out the live TV part.  I'd be talking to one person - a simple conversation - and best of all, we'd be talking about my book, The Keepers: Archer.

I can do that.  Easily.  Ask me any time, any day, about my Keepers or my writing and I'll talk your ear off!  They're my stories, my characters, my passion, so talking about it would come naturally.

It's with those thoughts that my husband and I got to the studio and I went straight into hair and make up.  I'd expected a bustling news studio with people running around like crazy.  Instead, it was the opposite.  It was so peaceful and quiet. From the security, to the make up artist to the sound and camera guys, everyone was so chilled that I couldn't help but feel calm too.  They were so friendly and they all welcomed my hubby into the process too so it was lovely having him with me and sharing the experience with him.

From make up, I was taken into the studio, hooked up with ear and voice pieces, and went through a few sound checks, voice checks, camera positioning and then I had to wait for the show's host, Samm Marshall.  The team spoke me through the whole process which was great as I knew what was happening every step of the way.

When we finally went live, I was blown away by how relaxed and calm Samm was and it was all too easy to take my cue from him. He'd prepared well, had great background knowledge of my Keepers, the plot and Sienna.  Chatting to him was wonderful and talking about my Keepers came so naturally, especially when I focused on him and only him - which was odd considering I couldn't actually see him!  We were filming in Cape Town and Samm was in the Johannesburg studio.  (Isn't technology awesome?)

And then it was over and I could breathe again and there were hugs and high fives all around. I did it!  Phew!

Hubby and I ended off with breakfast at the beach whilst I got that post exam feeling. Huge relief that it was over but wondering how I'd done!

I'm so thankful to my publicist and the Morning Live team for the opportunity. What a fun experience!  I'm also incredibly grateful for all the support and messages I received from friends, family and readers cheering me on from the sidelines.  You know who you are - thank you!

And best part of all was that when I got home, I was greeted with big hugs and excited squeals from my kids.  According to them, I'm a rock star! :)

Happy holidays,

Rae Rivers

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Keepers arrive in South Africa!

My three handsome warrior brothers have finally arrived in South Africa!

I was over the moon with excitement recently to receive this pic from a fabulous local reader - paperback copies bought from Exclusive Books, one of our local book stores in SA!

YES!  The Keepers: Archer and The Keepers: Declan are now available as paperbacks in selected book stores throughout South Africa!

Anyone want to guess my level of excitement right now?  :)

My love of storytelling started at the age of 12 years old and later blossomed into a dream of becoming a published author - one that became an amazing reality a little more than a year ago when HarperCollins offered me a four book deal for my Keepers series.  To date, the books have been available as eBooks and now, finally, as paperbacks too.

I've had so many lovely readers asking for paperbacks since the first book was published and I've been itching to share an actual book with them and see the books on the shelves.  It's with huge thanks and appreciation to a whole team of people who made this happen - the awesome book stores who've agreed to stock my books, my publicist, Helen Holyoake, my editors at HarperImpulse, and the sales team at Jonathan Ball who brought the books in from the UK.  Thank you so much!

AND readers will be thrilled to hear that The Keepers: Sienna has been included in The Keepers: Archer as one paperback as a bonus read - just 'cause you're all so awesome!

Seeing these books in store at the fabulous Exclusive Books has been a dream come true and I'm so excited to be able to share my stories with more readers.

Please help me to spread the news by sharing with your friends and on social media.  I'd really appreciate it!  Oh, and if you spot my books on your local shelves or purchase your very own copy, please send me a pic or tag me on Facebook.

Thank you dear readers, bloggers, friends and family for all your support and enthusiasm for my Keepers.  If you do snag yourself a copy of a Keeper, I hope that you enjoy their story!

Bouncing with joy,
Rae Rivers

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween - a perfect time for spooky, silly and loads of fun. A night celebrated with vampires, werewolves, witches, and dozens of other supernatural creatures.  Watch out for my witch and her three handsome Keepers! ;)

In light of sharing in the festivities, I've included a brief excerpt from The Keepers: Sienna.  Enjoy!


Lightning struck in the distance and a bolt of light flashed through a gap in the trees, highlighting six approaching men.

Mason’s warriors.

Sienna’s gut twisted and with quick hand movements, she sent lashes of fire their way. Their shouts of surprise ripped through the night and they scattered. Sienna responded with another round of ammunition that seemed to quicken Mason’s movements.

He tied the rope around the cat’s neck and went to the next one with another bag, repeating the movement. “There was an old witch I met recently in New Orleans,” he shouted above the noise, showing her the bag before fastening it to the third cat. “She was a friend of my mother’s and shares our vision for our kind. She gave me these three bags and I’m itching to see if they work.”

Sienna knew immediately what he meant, felt the hitch in her energy the moment the third bag touched the cat’s neck, and fought to maintain the protection spell. Ashwood. She’d never seen the debilitating herb before, but her mother had once mentioned it. Not well known, it bound a witch’s powers if placed in a triangular form around her. That and Rose Thorn were two herbs every witch dreaded.

Mason straightened, dusted off his hands and gave her a wide grin that smacked of triumph. Their gazes met across the retreating flames and she kept her back rigid, her head held high.

“You might temporarily bind my powers, Mason, but you’ve forgotten one thing,” she said with a quiet confidence, even though the circle of fire had begun to wither away.

“And what’s that, love?”

“My Keepers will come for me.”

“They don’t know where you are.”

“They will find me and they will come for me. Always.”

The long line of skeletal teeth drew together as his smile lessened. Without the grin, his tattooed deadpan expression was even more eerie, blurring the lines between the living and the dead. His black eyes settled on her with such intensity that her stomach lurched. “That’s exactly what I’m counting on.”


A full moon in Rapid Falls.

Sienna Beckham is a powerful witch, and along with her four fiercely protective Keepers, it is her destiny to maintain the balance of nature in this world.

Tonight, it's the town carnival and everyone will be there: Sienna's family, her friends, her protectors. Archer.

Laughter and flirtation await.  But in a few hours, Sienna's life will have changed forever and her powers stretched to their very limits.

For something is lurking in the forest…

Murder. Sorcery. Revenge.

And no one sees it coming.

The FREE PREQUEL to my magical Paranormal series, The Keepers, available for download here!

Happy Halloween!

Rae Rivers

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cat Got Your Tongue?

My romantic suspense book, Cat Got Your Tongue?, is ON SALE for a limited period so if you're in the mood for a fun, flirty adventure with cat burglars, art heists, and some hot romance, head on over to your nearest eBook retailer and snag yourself a copy!


A billionaire’s life and art collection are at risk. Who better to help than the daughter of a cat burglar?

When art collector Cole Anderson is targeted for his priceless Renoir, he reluctantly employs a bodyguard to upgrade his personal security. Imagine his surprise when she arrives—professional, capable, and sporting a ponytail and a gorgeous smile.

Alex Foxley is all woman—sexy, feisty, and intimately familiar with the shady workings of the art underworld thanks to her mother’s connections. While battling an explosive attraction for each other and thwarting thieves determined to have Cole’s Renoir at any cost, Cole and Alex must work together to protect his life and property—and uncover a secret neither of them knows exists.

Will they discover who is behind the deadly conspiracy before it’s too late? Or will passion and lust blind them to what’s right under their noses?

Amazon UK
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Happy reading!

Rae Rivers