Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Next Best Thing

Talented author of historical romances, Romy Sommer, invited me to take part in a blog hop event called The Next Best Thing – a series of questions and answers that focuses on my latest writing adventure.

What is the title of your book?

Cat Got Your Tongue? It will be released in 2013.

How did you come by the idea?

The world of art, cat burglars, museums, and art heists has always fascinated me, even more so when I discovered just how real a problem this is across the globe. My idea started with a billionaire art collector with a few security issues. I added a sexy, feisty bodyguard with a vast knowledge of the dodgy dealings of the art underworld thanks to her cat burglar mother. I threw in a couple of heists and everything simply snowballed from there.

What genre does your book fall under?

Romantic Suspense

Which actors would you choose to play your characters if it were a movie?

For my heroine, definitely Ashley Judd. Love her! I wrote her with her role from the movie, Double Jeopardy, in mind. Feisty, petite, gutsy, and sexy. As for my hero, that one’s a little more tricky. Maybe George Clooney?

What is a brief synopsis of your book?

When a billionaire art collector is targeted for his priceless paintings, he employs a bodyguard to upgrade his security. Imagine his amusement when the bodyguard turns out to be a woman! She’s sexy, feisty and with a cat burglar for a mother, she knows the shady workings of the art underworld. With thieves hot on their trail, they must work together to protect his art collection – and their lives.

Will your book be self-published or traditional?

The book will be traditionally published by The Wild Rose Press.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

I saw the movie Entrapment which appealed to my fascination with museums, art heists, cat burglars, priceless paintings etc. Deciding I could have some fun with this story line, I started mulling over a few ideas.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

A few weeks. Once I knew the type of story I wanted to write, Cole and Alex popped into my head and insisted I write their story. So I did. Once I started, I couldn’t stop and had the most fun ever in telling their delightful journey. The polishing of the manuscript thereafter took much longer.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I haven’t read anything similar.

What about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Between the suspense and action, there’s a lot of playful banter and witty dialogue between the hero and heroine that adds a touch of humor to the book. Add an art heist, a murder, and a few dodgy characters from the art underworld, an explosive attraction between the hero and heroine, and several rollercoaster events that unfold in their quest to solve the mystery around them and readers will have a fun, flirty romantic suspense.

For the next author in the chain, check out lovely Charlotte Phillips to find out what’s The Next Best Thing in her life!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Champagne Moment!

After all the writing, editing and waiting, my flirty and fun romantic suspense novel, "Cat Got Your Tongue?" has finally found a home!

The idea that I will finally have a book published is a dream come true and to say that I'm excited is an understatement. 

I had so much fun writing this book and I'm so excited to be able to share the story of my feisty heroine and my sexy hero with the world.  Their story was an easy one to tell as they basically popped into my head one day and wouldn't back off until I started typing.  Once I started, I couldn't stop as their story (and endless witty chatter!) flowed from the moment they jumped onto the page until the moment I typed 'The End'.  What a delightful way to write a book.

And then the editing started ...

Thanks to so many bloggers, authors, and publishers who have left a fabulous trail of writing tips online, I learnt all the technical aspects of writing.  That, combined with some helpful advice from a wonderful and patient editor, I did a thorough overhaul of my book.

And I'm thrilled to announce that The Wild Rose Press has offered me a publishing contract! 

There's lots more to tell but for now, I'm going to grab my husband and pop the champagne!

Thanks for sharing my joy.


Friday, April 13, 2012


April 2012

I'm new to the world of blogging and twitter. Not quite sure where to start ...

I've been writing since I was ten years old. Quietly, behind the scenes, never advertising it to anyone. (Sounds crazy, but the only people that know how much I love writing is my husband, my mother, and my best friend!) I've never been in contact with other writers in the same boat, never reached out. Until now. Thought it would be fun to share my experience with others who have ventured into this crazy world of words, characters, storylines, publishers, and the fabulous euphoria of a having either written or read a fantastic book.

I've written over twenty books, many of which I destroyed years ago. Not that I ever viewed them as waste of time. At first, it was a way of getting the voices in my head onto paper. No, not crazy "I'm losing my mind" voices, more like characters that needed their stories told. So I initially handwrote my first book until my mother bought me a typewriter. Bonus. An even bigger bonus was when I received my first computer. And so it snowballed from there.

With every book I've written, I've learnt something new. Thanks to the magical world of the internet, I've read a lot, researched oodles of websites and blogs on writing, and I've learnt a lot.

About two years ago, after my son started school and I had the extra time, I started writing in earnest. And that's where my writing journey really starts. I wrote a romance novel, Cat Got Your Tongue, and ended it off at 125 000 words. Yikes. I started the book with gusto and finished it with an even greater gusto as the words and storyline just flowed. It was only after I was finished with it that I decided to venture into the scary world of publishing.

That's where I turned to the internet and the learning process began. Whilst working on two other novels, I've since revised my first novel several times over and have reduced it to a slim and sexy 78 000 words. It's fun, romantic, humorous, edgy, and makes me laugh even though I've read it a million times. I'm currently in the process of revising it again at the request of a very friendly editor who liked the book and my way of writing but had a few suggestions to make the novel even stronger.

Watch this space. :)

Until then, I'd love to be in touch with other people whose thoughts are occupied with voices belonging to fictional characters insisting that you write their story.

Write with joy,