Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet Archer and Sienna!

I've had many questions sent my way since I wrote Archer and the one that crops up the most is who I picture as my hero and heroine. Considering that The Keepers series is about three brothers who are all sexy handfuls in their own way, finding the right fit for each brother was tricky.  Sienna was an easier choice and I've had her pinned from the start.  Feisty, red hair, pale skin, tall and slim ... any guesses who that could be?

Sienna Beckham

Sienna is on the run from her destiny as a powerful Beckham witch and the three Keepers who protect her.  But she can't hide forever - especially with a an evil warlock and her three Keepers hot on her heels.   She's independent, feisty, and stubborn but she's as protective of her Keepers as they are of her! 

Nicole Kidman
“You said it yourself, Archer.  I’m a powerful witch.  You might want to keep that in mind when you threaten to caveman me home.”

Archer Bennett

The eldest of three brothers, he's strong, muscular, handsome ... everything a powerful warrior should be, but he has one weakness.  Sienna.  As her Keeper, he's duty bound to defend her and will fight to his death to protect her.

Channing Tatum makes a great Archer
“If anyone so much as lifts a finger to Sienna, the Bennett brothers will retaliate with so much wrath that it’ll make hell seem like an attractive place.”

The Bennett Estate in Rapid Falls

Rapid Falls is a small, mystical town surrounded by mountains, forests, rivers, and endless grape vineyards.  The town is renowned for the production of Ice Wine, a very unique and special wine made from frozen grapes.  Why wine?  Because wine farms are my stomping grounds!  I live surrounded by the most breathtaking wine farms and for us, a meal without wine is like tequila without the lemon! (Not that I drink much tequila!)

My daily view
So with the above pic in mind, I developed the fictional Rapid Ralls, a small but thriving town amongst this beauty.  Set to one side of the town and surrounded with vineyards and thick forests perfect for all sorts of magical rituals and some Keeper chaos, is the private and spacious Bennett Estate, complete with the gorgeous mansion that houses three handsome Keeper brothers. 

And if you think this picture looks tranquil, don't be fooled.  There's all sorts of evil warlocks and warriors lurking that are itching to create some havoc! 

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Rae Rivers


  1. Channing Tatum!!! Yes please!! Love the concept of this book...might have to one-click my way to a bit of Archer!

    1. Ooh, you're a fan of Channing too? Thanks for the lovey comment, Mandy, and happy clicking ... and reading! x

  2. Sexy hunk of man flesh you have there, Rae. Yum!

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