Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Sneak Peeks!

We've had sexy snippets, brief introductions to our characters, and a glimpse of their worlds ... and here's another excerpt from each book:

Snaring Ric’s hand, she dragged him to the dance floor amongst the other guests, all swaying to the beat. Having no other options for privacy, she would have to chew him out here where they’d be close enough to whisper without being overheard.
 ‘Dance with me,’ she said through gritted teeth.
 ‘Alexa, if you wanted to press yourself against me, all you had to do was ask.’ His tone was light, but his expression was tight and deadly serious. Then again, on closer inspection, the hard lines of his face were rigid with what looked like fury.
 ‘Dream on, Castillo. I want to talk to you and unfortunately, dancing with you seems to be the only time I’ll have you alone.’
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  “Don’t ever look for me again, Archer.”
  His jaw flexed, and he clenched each fist. Slowly, he pinned her with a heated glare.  “I will find you, Sienna.  Don’t fool yourself.”
  With a shaky smile, she backtracked away from him.  “You’re the fool for thinking you could broomstick me back home.”
  She turned away, needing to flee before he saw the crack in her powers as her body wasn’t yet strong enough to maintain them.
  And the fear of losing control always lingered. 
  “Sienna.”  The change in his tone had her glancing back at him over her shoulder.  His eyes narrowed and his mouth curled into a small smile.  “Game on.”
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