Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dragonfly Moments with Kathy Bosman

I am so excited to welcome another talented author from South Africa, Kathy Bosman who has joined me today to chat about her book, Dragonfly Moments.  Lovely title, isn't it?

"Today, is stop six of my Dragonfly Moments blog tour and thank you so much to Rae Rivers for having me on her busy blog. I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift voucher and 5 bags of swag which contain a few interesting little treats related to my book and its settings. Dragonfly Moments is set in Johannesburg, South Africa.

 I love art. As a kid, I spent hours sketching and then when I reached high school, I started oil painting. My art teacher wanted me to take it after school but I went in a different direction – a detour. I finally found my passion, writing. What was great fun was incorporating my great interest and appreciation for good art into my story. Tessa, my heroine, has just opened up her art gallery. She paints landscapes but sometimes puts people or animals in them. On her gallery wall is her latest painting and it makes her very uncomfortable but she doesn’t know why.

 When Ryan, an old love, walks into her gallery and recognizes himself in the painting almost straight away, feelings for him begin to resurface. She’s in a serious relationship though and wants to marry the man and start a family. Ryan, who has been in love with Tessa all these years apart, has taken the time to study art just to communicate and connect with her. He helps Tessa with her art gallery as it struggles to take off the ground. He’s a good friend and more than that in her heart but she’s very reluctant to give up her promise of a secure future.

 Soon Ryan shows Tessa what her hearts really needs by analyzing one of her paintings. I would love to see that painting one day. I have it in my mind but don’t think I’ve got the patience to paint it.

 Dragonfly Moments is Book 1 of “The Creators” series. I wanted to make a series of books with characters who are creative. Tessa’s an artist and the heroine in Book 2, which is in the process of being written, is a ballet teacher and choreographer."


     “You’re making a mistake, Ryan. Coming in here and trying to bring up the past. It’s too late now. I’m committed to Mark and have found a life for myself. You never wanted me then. You loved Annie.”

“I didn’t love her. I loved you. And you promised forever….”

His voice was resigned, and then he winked at her as if to dispel the tension. It did no such thing.

The letter at the back of the sketch had promised she would love him forever, hadn’t it? She had believed she would never love anyone as much as Ryan and that he showed her what true love was.

“You never loved me.” She dropped her gaze onto her lap. “We were just good friends.”

Pushing up her chin to pretend that her heart wasn’t zinging with emotion, she started to walk toward the one wall to adjust a painting. He grabbed her hand. She tried to pull away, but he firmly pulled her close.

Heat and energy radiated off him and his manly scent encompassed her. Even his breath was a sweetness she wanted to drink in. She took in the shape of his face, his mouth which drooped slightly to the left, his skewed jaw line and the prominent cheek bones. His eyebrows were dark and perfectly shaped, and he had such long eyelashes. Yanking her burning hand away, she made sure her back was facing him.

“I was blind to the true treasure. All the time when I was going out with Annie, I really wanted you, but I couldn’t do that to her—dump her for her best friend. I’ve loved you for years, Tess. I’ve been trying to find you. No other woman has measured up, and I’ve had several relationships. And you’ve become so beautiful.”

She faced him, her mouth partially open, devoid of words. He’d loved her? Why didn’t he tell her then before it was too late?

His gaze followed her from head to foot, and heat branded her face while a spark ignited her body.

“But I wasn’t then. You thought I was ugly. You must have because Annie was so beautiful and you never looked at me.”

“I did. Besides the kohl and black clothes, you were adorable, especially in your pajamas.”

Tessa wasn’t usually one to blush easily, but fire lapped up her whole face and neck. “But the way you used to look at Annie. She had the most stunning legs. Long and muscular.”

Ryan smiled. “You have better legs than Annie.”

She pulled back. For a moment, he had her in a trance. Maybe she should leave Mark and pursue this. Jump right in. No, of course not. Who was Ryan now, anyway? She hardly knew him. He could disappear again. Mark cared for her and he was the perfect match to build a family. That’s all she needed.

Author Bio

Kathy loved reading and writing from early childhood, but her dream to write books was put aside until her kids were small, and she had little mental stimulation. The writing became a passion as well as her love for romance. She hasn’t looked back since writing her first romance novel in 2007. She homeschools her three children so in between deciphering algebraic problems for her teenage son (with little success), conducting science experiments, and tackling piles of laundry and dishes, she miraculously finds time to write books and read many others for fun.

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