Thursday, September 26, 2013

Release Day for The Keepers: Sienna!

Today I'm hopping with excitement as I celebrate the release of the next book in my Keepers series, The Keepers: Sienna! It's the free prequel to Archer, a shorter read, and was so much fun to write!


A full moon in Rapid Falls.
Sienna Beckham is a powerful witch, and along with her four fiercely protective Keepers, it is her destiny to maintain the balance of nature in this world.

Tonight, it's the town carnival and everyone will be there: Sienna's family, her friends, her protectors. Archer.
Laughter and flirtation await.
But in a few hours, Sienna's life will have changed forever and her powers stretched to their very limits.

For something is lurking in the forest…

Murder. Sorcery. Revenge.
And no one sees it coming.
Find out how it all began…
The FREE PREQUEL to a magical new series, The Keepers.
Snag yourself a free copy at the following links:


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