Friday, May 24, 2013

My Call Story

I’ve always enjoyed reading a good call story and sharing the excitement and joy with my author friends. It’s been a week since I announced my publishing contract with Harper Impulse and I promised to follow up with my own call story:

I spotted Harper Impulse’s call for submissions as I was heading off to the airport and immediately submitted the idea for my Keeper series. I went on holiday and a few weeks later, during a very calm and quiet morning alone at home with my daughter, I received an email from Harper Impulse thanking me for my submission and asking me if I’d be free to chat further.

Like I’d say no. Of course! I immediately sent an email with my contact details and then went outside to play with my daughter, the cordless phone in hand. (I don’t remember a word of the conversation we had in the sandpit!)

And I waited. Longest wait ever.

A million things were going through my head and I tried not to get excited but I kept coming back to the thought that publishers don’t call to reject a submission. I eventually got on with my day and got so wrapped up in my kids and their afternoon activities that at one point, close to five pm, I realized with a jolt of excitement that I was still expecting a call! I sent off another email asking them if they still wanted to chat (i.e. please call me or I won’t be able to sleep tonight) and quickly received a reply with a promise to call within half an hour.

I organized my kids by banishing them upstairs so that I could chat in peace, bribed my son with dessert after dinner if he’d play quietly with his sister without interrupting me whilst I was on the phone (desperation?), and I waited.

The call came moments later and to hear the words “We’ve read your book, we love it, and we’d like to offer you a contract for the series” was like a dream come true. I took a deep breath and tried to act professional when all I wanted to do was squeal!

I don’t remember much of the conversation as my mind was racing but we spoke about what they loved about the book, the contract, the editors, etc. It was such an easy conversation and I felt so comfortable – an indication that I’d done the right thing. When I ended the call, I phoned my husband to tell him he had to come home as I had champagne waiting. He’d just acquired an exciting deal of his own and thought the champagne was for him. Double celebrations that night! Needless to say, my kids received a huge hug for being so well behaved during “my moment” and of course, they got their dessert!

Since the call, my life has taken a busy turn as I’ve been writing up a storm whilst working on book edits and cover briefs with my wonderful editors. I can always see when I’ve been absorbed in my writing: I’m permanently distracted as my mind is constantly spinning, my house is a mess (sorry kids), my husband has to beg me to go shopping, my friends think I’ve immigrated, my admin pile has grown to mammoth proportions, and I’m so behind on my reading and TV series that it’ll take a long holiday to catch up.

But I’m having so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by and for sharing this with me!

Rae Rivers

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Three-Book Deal for The Keepers!

I’ve always seen myself as a writer of contemporary romantic suspense novels until one day, over a discussion about paranormal romances during lunch with a dear friend, a heroine came to mind that begged me a pretty please to write her story. I was a bit hesitant at first when I realized that she’s a modern day witch, as I’d never attempted writing a paranormal romance before. But she insisted, so after lunch, I went home to a very quiet house (a novelty for me with small children around) and started writing. She neglected to mention at the time that her story came with three very handsome, very powerful, and strong warriors – who I very soon realized each needed their own story. Tall order, lady.

There was no planning involved, no plot line, (that all came later) and I had no clue where she was headed. I just knew that I had to write her story. So I did. A powerful witch and three handsome warrior Keepers who are her fierce protectors, her friends, and her allies in maintaining the balance of nature. A paranormal romance story simply snowballed from there.

After a bit of advice from some helpful people along the way who boosted my confidence in my work, some enthusiastic support from my wonderful hubby who has spent the last few months sharing me with my imaginary friends (three warriors at that!) and with a lot of fun brainstorming sessions over lunch with my dear friend, I finished and revised the book. Once it was ready for submission, I took a deep breath (more like a gasp) and submitted the first book, along with the synopsis for the entire trilogy to Harper Impulse.

So … now that you know the background of this book, here’s my news …

I’m thrilled to announce that Harper Impulse, a romance imprint of Harper Collins, has offered me a three-book contract for my Keeper trilogy!

I knew from the moment that I spotted their call for submissions that they were the right publisher for this series and I wasn’t wrong! Their energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for my warriors have been amazing and I will always be grateful to them for this and for the opportunity to have my Keeper series published. It was wonderful to receive a call from a publisher to say that they love my idea and would like to offer me a contract for it, but there’s nothing nicer than knowing that they’re as passionate about my books as I am. So, for the team at Harper Impulse – thank you for this!

I’ll be posting the heart stopping, over-the-moon-with-excitement call story soon so watch this space, but for now, I’m going to rush off with my family, pop the champagne, and celebrate this moment.

Thank you for reading and sharing my joy.

Rae Rivers