Wednesday, January 22, 2014

African Adventures

Waving hello and wishing you a wonderful New Year!  I'm back from my adventure travels through three African countries and bring you a beautiful African sunset.  The above picture was taken from Etosha Pan in Namibia from the deck of our small villa where I spent a few days watching the waterhole for wild animals coming to drink and writing The Keepers: Declan

Well rested?  Not quite.  Inspired?  Definitely.

Want to know why?

Because it was a busy, tiring, tough but fabulous holiday. 

My children were absolute travel stars (thank God for the iPhone and iPad!) and loved the lack of routine and that every day was a brand new adventure.  The family time, love and laughter we shared was priceless.  Every new challenge, trip and destination was embraced with trust and smiling faces.   

Our travels consisted of several interesting border stops, dodging an epidemic of donkeys and cattle on the side of the main roads, pot holes and challenging roads that had our 4x4 Toyota Hilux earning a newfound respect (and had me praying like crazy!), and a huge lack of supplies and shops.  We spent a few nights sleeping under the stars surrounded by a roaring pride of lions whilst a cheeky leopard waltzed through our camp, had a hair-raising experience in a fancy lodge that doubled up as a spider's nest (from great, great granny spider right down to hundreds of her offspring!), and got up close and personal in the mother of all African storms that had us running for cover.  We also visited several lovely lodges that served as much needed rest stops, witnessed incredible blood-red sunsets, shared endless laughter with beautiful friends, and saw the most spectacular wild animal sightings. 

Since this holiday, I have a newfound appreciation for the following:

1.   Contact lenses (and the easy access thereof)
2.   Woolworths, Spar, or any other clean, well stocked shop
3.   Chocolate
4.   The easy access to the yummy wines from our beautiful wine farms here
5.   Medical care
6.   Cellphone reception
7.   WI-FI!!!!
8.   Toyota Hilux 4x4
9.   Mosquito nets
10. My Kindle
11. Well behaved children
12. Vodka and Appletiser

So ... we've unpacked, downloaded all the photos, the kids are back at school and we're settling into reality.  Although I'm really excited for the new year as I'll be working on The Keepers: Declan and The Keepers: Ethan, I have to admit that I'm a little sad that our holiday is over ... BUT the best part of all is that when you're an author, you get to travel anywhere you want whilst staying in the comfort of your home!

Having said that (and hopefully you won't think it sounds crazy!), I'm off to Rapid Falls in Canada to check on my Keepers!

Thanks for reading!

Rae Rivers


  1. Sounds like an interesting experience Rae. Great pictures :-)

    1. Thank you, Jane. As challenging as the trip was, it was such a load of fun and an experience of a life time. Thanks for stopping by! x

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