Sunday, May 18, 2014

Look What I'm Reading!

My husband and I have spent a glorious weekend away (without our kiddies!) and between cocktails, sushi, dinner with friends, and enjoying the warm winter beauty of Cape Town, I spent many hours in the hotel room reading the final proof copy of The Keepers: Declan!

I must admit, I adore seeing my books at this stage ... we've completed the plotting, writing and editing and the final copy looks so neat and tidy.  Who would ever have thought a few weeks ago it resembled something similar to a Christmas tree during edits?  (But ssh, no one needs to know that!)

The cover looks fantastic and I still get giddy with excitement when I see MY name on it.  Wow.  What a fantasic journey this has been.

So, my lovely readers, tomorrow I will be sending this back to my editor with a lovely thank you note and nod of approval.  From there, Declan is sent to the production team and will be available to you at all eBook retailers from 12 June 2014.

And hopefully, you'll love Declan's story as much as I loved writing it.  He and Kate have been so much fun to create and I so enjoyed being with the brothers again.  Thankfully, we're not saying goodbye to either of them just yet and will see much more of them in Ethan's story.

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I can't wait to share with you!

Thanks for reading,
Rae Rivers

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