Friday, May 23, 2014

Starting Ethan!

Now that Declan's done, my family and friends are surprised that I'm not taking a breather before starting Ethan. Truth is, I can't WAIT to start his story! And not only that, but it's reader messages like the one below that I received this week that give me all the creative fuel I need to get cracking!

"One of the best series I've read! And now I’m a huge fan of this paranormal book! I thought it really ended, but after reading/knowing about the black legend, another spark of interest lit in me. Their journey isn't done yet. I’m sure, the next book would be a lot more action, romance and magic!—and more addicting! I love the romance, the action, the full-blast magic (specially the climax part of the story) and it was like I was watching it on TV. For real. How I wish, one of the TV networks in US would discover this series. This’ll make a good movie. Smooth plot, keeps me more addicted as the pages goes by. The story has a good-run, best characters that really suit the story and of course the action parts. The writing was amazing, as well as the plot twists. Many, many thanks to you Ms.Rae for gifting me this book! Congratulations for this very wonderful story! 

PS. Can’t wait for what lies next in the next book!"

How's THAT for awesome?!  :)

Wish me luck!

Rae Rivers

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