Monday, September 29, 2014

Cat Got Your Tongue?

My romantic suspense book, Cat Got Your Tongue?, is ON SALE for a limited period so if you're in the mood for a fun, flirty adventure with cat burglars, art heists, and some hot romance, head on over to your nearest eBook retailer and snag yourself a copy!


A billionaire’s life and art collection are at risk. Who better to help than the daughter of a cat burglar?

When art collector Cole Anderson is targeted for his priceless Renoir, he reluctantly employs a bodyguard to upgrade his personal security. Imagine his surprise when she arrives—professional, capable, and sporting a ponytail and a gorgeous smile.

Alex Foxley is all woman—sexy, feisty, and intimately familiar with the shady workings of the art underworld thanks to her mother’s connections. While battling an explosive attraction for each other and thwarting thieves determined to have Cole’s Renoir at any cost, Cole and Alex must work together to protect his life and property—and uncover a secret neither of them knows exists.

Will they discover who is behind the deadly conspiracy before it’s too late? Or will passion and lust blind them to what’s right under their noses?

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Happy reading!

Rae Rivers

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Keeper Talk with PNR Radio!

I'm so excited to be chatting about my gorgeous Keepers to Arial Burnz from in the US this week!

In partnership with, author Arial Burnz is the host of the podcast, where she features entertainment that goes bump in the night. If you love paranormal and fantasy books, TV shows and movies, you’ll love PNR Radio! Guests include bestselling authors (e.g., Nalini Singh, Kami Garcia, Kelley Armstrong, Sharon Hamilton & Patrick Rothfuss) and celebrities (from TV shows like Supernatural and Dracula), and every show has a giveaway.

I have two ebooks up for grabs (Keeper of your choice!) so check out the link here to enter!

And to listen to me blabber on about my Keepers and how much I love them ... click on the link below.  I LOVED chatting to Arial - it was such fun and such an honour to be hosted on her show, so thank you, Arial!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday with Desere Steenberg

I'm delighted to welcome book blogger, Desere Steenberg, in the spotlight this week.  Not only is Desere an avid reader like me, she's also from South Africa!  Welcome, Desere ...

DS:  First off thank you to the lovely Rae for inviting me today! And if you have not read this woman’s books, you are missing out big time, go read them now, I command you!

Haha, LOVE that, thank you!  If you had to write a bio for yourself, what would it say? 

Forced to work, born to read!

Describe yourself in five words. 

Insightful, emotional, picky, perceptive, fun-loving

What made you decide to start blogging? 

My goal to get the word out about all things book related.

What are the blogging highlights? 

Voicing my opinion is definitely the highlight, I find it very fulfilling to be able to tell it the way I see it.

What are the blogging lows? 

The deadlines can sometimes wreak havoc on everyday life and be very stressful.

Do you have any pet peeves about the blogging/author/publisher/reading process? 

Just one, receiving emails from authors requesting book reviews and saying “ I ‘ll make it worth your while if you give me a good 5 /5 star review” I absolutely loath it, I believe in always giving an honest opinion. 

How does blogging fit into your family life, work etc? 

Honestly, it just, just fits!

When you’re not reading or blogging, you’re...? 

A full time paralegal to a US based attorney, we assist people injured in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and I also home school my nine year old son, who is the keeper of my heart!

You receive a lot of author requests to read their books. How do you decide what to read and when? 

I always try to read each and every request that comes my way, the more various genre’s and writing styles I read the more I learn. The only time I do turn someone away is when my schedule is completely booked to such an extent that I simply cannot make it work, because I work on a strict ‘ make sure a review is up by release date ‘ basis.

Tell us something about yourself that readers won’t know from reading your blog. 

I am completely mad about cats! Simply adore them. From tigers to lions to tabbies I love them all!

What are you currently reading?

One step too far by Tina Seskis

Do you have any advice to authors about how best to approach bloggers and develop relationships with them? 

Never be afraid to ask if you are unsure, us bloggers realize that it could be your first time requesting a review and we know it’s scary. So ask, ask ASK as many questions as possible, and even if you have asked us ten times before ASK AGAIN! Not only will you feel assured but the blogger will remember you the next time around and thus know what it is you are after when requesting a blog tour, review or even just advise.

How has blogging enriched your life? 

In so many countless ways that there is no time to list them all here, but the one that pops the most is the people I have met through blogging, from readers to authors to fans of my reviews. My life would not be half as interesting if it was not for the special peeps in my life!

Quick word associations 

Paranormal  -  dark, mysterious
Children  -   love, smiles, hugs
Men  -  sexy, strong, raw
Beach  -  sun, surf, sand
Bliss  -  reading, coffee, fireplace
Homework  -  Agg! Where’s the dislike button? 
Heels  -  empowering, red
Weekends  -  relaxation 
Holiday  -  Italy, Greece, and France… dang now I want to go in holiday!!
Fridays  -  end of the week rush

Desere loves to talk about books at Romance Book Haven and Facebook - or find her on Twitter.  Thanks for sharing more about yourself, Desere!

We welcome your questions or comments.

Thanks for reading!

Rae Rivers