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Fab Reviews for The Keepers: Archer

"The character of Archer was as I said before the perfect protect me hero, but what I simply adored about this man was that he is so headstrong and such a force of a character that it was as if he would jump out of the pages at any minute and sweep me off into the wild wonder that is his world, he is one of those hero's that simply brands you with is unique kind of passion and you are overwhelmed and breathless." Paranormal Romance Reviews

"This is packed full of magic, evil, love, heartbreak, action an more so I would recommend anyone looking for a great story with a magic to pick this up." Racing To Read

"The Keepers: Archer is  a fast paced and action packed story with a strong element of forbidden romance that kept me glued to my Kindle as I read!" One More Page

"This was a fantastic new story on witches, keepers and magic and I would definitely recommend as it's a real page turner!" Laura's Book Blog

"The Keepers: Archer is a fast paced thrill ride. Sienna and Archer have such intense chemistry. The danger, the suspense, and the passionate romance that blossoms between the heroes make this a very fast read that leave you wanting more!" Faerie Tale Books

 I fell in love with the characters. I don't think that's ever happened before, me falling in love with the characters so quickly. I love archer's protective qualities and his charm.  The twists and turns, the action, the suspense!!! This book was amazing!!!" The Girl Bookaholic

"The sexual tension between Sienna and Archer is well written and the love scenes are sensual."  Author Jane Hunt

Fab Reviews for The Keepers: Sienna

"The author created a excellent plot and starting point for the leading you into the first book, and did so masterfully with vivid imagination and overwhelming mystery that there is no way anyone will be able to stop reading once they get started."  Paranormal Romance Reviews

 "I loved the twists that the story took and this is definitely an action-packed read." One More Page

"This was an action packed, fast paced read once again and if you have not read The Keepers: Archer yet I know you will be aching to find out what happens next!" Laura's Book Blog

"I found myself thrown straight into the action with such vivid scene description, it was almost as if I was there and watching the story unfold like a film." Fiona Chapman

"Rae Rivers's writing completely amazed me in this book due to the fact that, as mentioned before, the story takes place in about a day; yet, she was able to put so much emotion, context, and action that I was completely drawn into the lives of the characters." Girl Bookaholic

Fab Reviews For Cat Got Your Tongue?

"Every once in awhile a book comes along that takes you completely by surprise. CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE? did just that for me. I was expecting a romantic/mystery but what I got was a funny, neatly twisted ride that lead to an amazing love story." Fresh Fiction

"I totally loved this read. It had something for every reader , kick-ass action, blazing hot sex, tender romance and mystery.  The author also described the artwork with such vivid detail it was as if I could reach and out and touch them all, absolutely stunning Rae! I highly recommend this read for every reader out there, seriously SEXY!" Contemporary Romance Reviews

"Rae Rivers delivers a seriously fun read in Cat Got Your Tongue. This book is chocked full of suspense, sizzles with romance and is just a delightful reading experience. The characters are well developed and the story itself is very interesting, filled with unexpected twists and turns. I loved Cat Got Your Tongue and highly recommend this book as a good read that I am sure will make my best of 2014 list." Manic Readers

"If you like art, New York City, mystery and hot sexual sparing with characters who are fully formed, then this read is for you… it certainly was for me."  Star Angela's Reviews

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